What is CTR In Marketing?

Hey everybody this Chad Mackenzie from Addictive Results and today we’re gonna be talking about what is CTR or also known as Click-Through-Rates in marketing and why is it important. So you know when I first started doing marketing I mean especially back when I was working at the Fortune 500 company we didn’t know anything about CTR. I didn’t know what it was but I heard it sort of you know here and there but you know it was something that we didn’t use at all at the company because we really didn’t do performance marketing.

Which is what I am! I am a performance marketer or also known as a direct response marketer, where we really focused on getting results for ourselves or customers or whatever we are selling online. It could be eCommerce or for lead generation. So when I got into performance marketing I worked at this company doing sales, and the first day our bosses we’re talking about CTR, EPC, CPC’s, and all you know all this stuff and I was just like “What are you guys even talking about?” (I’ll make other videos talking about EPC, CPC’s and impressions and things like that later on) but today it’s gonna be all about CTR and why is it important!

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