Internet Marketing Tips – Advertising 101

Hey guys Chad here. Kind of bundled up today cause it’s a little cold, and it’s raining outside. Kind of keeping it warm right now. But anyways today I wanted to talk about when it comes to marketing, if you if you are doing marketing you, then you have to constantly be watching and changing your campaigns. Changing the bids on Facebook and Google… actually that’s wrong that’s not true at all!

It’s much easier than that. And the thing is, the key thing about marketing is don’t overthink your marketing… and I’ve done that plenty of times, and I’ve lost money from it. Because I’d be sitting up a campaign on Facebook or Google, and would I get one or two sales, and think it doesn’t work, and I just turn the campaign off. And that’s one of the worst things that you can do is that when it comes to Facebook and Google advertising.

You need to let your campaign learn the customer, and there’s a thing called the Facebook pixel for people. This is a video for people that don’t know much about marketing or Facebook or Google, but when it comes to Facebook marketing there’s a piece of code that you can get from Facebook and that’s called the Facebook pixel…

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