How I Would Have Done Marketing for A Restaurant

Hey everybody this Chad MacKenzie from Addictive Results and we are going to be talking about how I would have done marketing for a restaurant that eventually went out of business, and before we get into that make sure to subscribe check out the free guide below where I talk about marketing and things, like that and also make sure to join our free Facebook group, where you know if you’re a business owner you work in marketing for a company you are a coach or consultant we talk about marketing in this free Facebook group and you know it’s gonna be a really great community, it’s really small right now but you know what it’s gonna be big one day!

So anyways let’s get into the video, so in my home town I live in San Diego California and if anybody knows San Diego, is that it’s you know there’s a lot of beaches. I live in a beach town where there’s a bunch of restaurants, and there’s cool things to do, with lots of people around and you know certain times of the year, there’s a thing called Restaurant Week. That’s the time of year when people can buy a ticket go check out all the different restaurants and try out different samples and things like that. Well there was a burger restaurant that had opened up in a really great part of town. There’s a lot of foot traffic, there’s a lot of auto traffic that drives by and things like that, and it had a really prime location, especially where it was in my town. It’s a main road where there’s a lot of cars and just people around. However they had a few different problems, one is that where they were located where they were competing against so many other restaurants .

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