How I Would Have Done Marketing for A Restaurant | Part 2

Hey everybody this Chad MacKenzie from Addictive Results and this is going to be the part two video of how I have done marketing for this restaurant, and unfortunately it went out of business. So let’s get into it, so just a quick story there was a burger restaurant that opened up in my local town I’m from San Diego California.

This burger joint opened up really great food but I noticed over time there weren’t that many people in there, and the business started suffering. There was actually a restaurant week where people were walking around, and people weren’t even going inside this restaurant because what they didn’t know it was open because management didn’t do a great job of promoting it. Not only that it’s just you know I actually went in there to talk to the managers and said “Hey, I can help with your advertising what do you think?”, “No, no, no, no, that stuff doesn’t work!”. That’s what you they said to me, advertising doesn’t work. I do advertising every single day and I hear things like that because people if they don’t experience themselves they just assume it doesn’t work or maybe …

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